Friday, September 4, 2009

Sundaes & Rock

I like ice cream sundaes
And nighttime in the park
I like cherry slurpees
And rooftops after dark

I love speeding on side streets
And cranking up the bass
I like Britney Spears
And bands like 3 Days Grace

I'm the type of girl
Who wears boots even when it's hot
All those things you think I am
Are all the things I'm not

My favorite song
Is The Little Bird Is Calling
Secretly I'm in love
With the initial sense of falling

I love karaoke
Even though I can't sing
I love running in circles
Redbull gives me wings

I love being a kid
I dream of Never-Never
If I could, I totally would
I'd be seventeen forever


menuch said...

luv it!!

A said...

your everything we know you are and then some. splendid poem as usual,

Yossi said...

cool. one of my fav rhyme schemes.
I just found your blog from cheerio. I hope you don't have many posts like this, because then I'm going to have to keep commenting how awesome they are