Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Of Prayer

Some prayers are to be played in double bass, low and intimate; whispered like secrets. 

Others are to be played on black and white keys, loud and lyrical; lighthearted. 

And some few are to be screamed, raised from the ashes of the core. They are to be performed on a stage of thousand violins. And they are to reach a pitch so high, only G-d can hear it.


Mystical Marijuana

We are broken
Well-intended, still we're flawed
An Illusionist performs before us
But we're seldom ever awed

We search for other spirits
Place our faith in clever frauds
We trip on magic substances
Lest we ever trip on G-d

The hunger is profound
It consumes us from within
For it is born of a desire
Far more potent than even that of sin

The lust for any drug
Is a spiritual facade
For it is simply the soul's craving
For a relationship with G-d