Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

“When are the ten plagues going to happen, Mommy?” asked my hilarious four year old nephew after learning the story of Passover in school. But he wasn’t kidding; he genuinely wanted to know. Initially my sister felt terrible that her little son carried the burden of such a thought on his tiny shoulders. But then he said he would love to be there because he loves frogs.

Kids say the awesomest things. Mostly because they have wild, unhindered imagination and no filter. Their thoughts come from place of unadulterated purity and magical quirkiness. Before they are sullied by age.

As adults we are grappling, almost desperately, for a taste of Passover. For that candid, childlike image of what it was like. We eat boxes upon boxes of matzah, dip all sorts of things in saltwater and eat bitter herbs all to commemorate the events that transpired a few thousand years ago. We down four cups of wine, hoping to intoxicate ourselves into the hallucination of experiencing what our ancestors did in Egypt.

But little N. he was already there and he wanted to know when it would be over.

How awesome.

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