Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fairies Aren't Real

"Daddy, do we believe in magic?"
She asked,
Oh the magic of a kid,
There was this innocence in her eyes,
That made him almost wish he did

But fairies aren’t real,
And unicorns are myths,
So he told her, matter of fact,
“Magic does not exist“

Her face fell, and kept falling,
In her eye was a tear
And it spilled down her cheeks
Like a crystal chandelier

“But why not, Daddy?”
She pled, holding onto her father,
“Can’t there be just a little magic,
So my sister could get better?"

The blood drained from his face,
He could make no move or sound,
It was as if she reached into his chest,
And turned his heart around,

"The truth is,” he said
The brims of his eyes were full,
"I suppose we do believe in magic,
But we call our charms, ‘miracles‘..."

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