Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Atonement

It’s been 2,000 years since we’ve been sedated
Mouths full of slander
Hearts filled with hate
Dug our own graves in sin
And awaited our inevitable fate

With our swords drawn, we fell to our knees
Alone but united in war
Growing armor over eyes
Growing colder than before

Our eyes were open
But we did not see
We seemed to be breathing
But our hearts did not beat/

On the twenty third of December
The skies cried out in thunder
Car breaks slammed to a halt
Disturbing the peace of our slumber

It was G-d’s cry
He broke our silence
Out of small people
He made giants

What kind of instrument
Could measure the way the broken heart races
What kind of artist
Could paint the terror on our faces

Who can encourage hope
But the witnesses of this crime
Who can mend this wound
But G-d and the miracle of time

Our eyes are closed
But now we can see
Our hearts have lost the facades
So now it can beat

Don’t be scared
We don’t stand alone
We’ve awoken our souls
We’ve finally atoned


Feivel ben Mishael said...

excuse me for being ignorant, but what occurs on the 23rd of december?
Wikipedia only helped me figure out that it is a bunch of obscure christian things, as well as Festivus from Seinfeld.

Mushka said...

i didnt really explain it very well. its about my friend elana kasle. she was hit by a car on dec 23 two years ago. shes still in a coma- her name is elana leah bat shaindel rochel

ChayAiz said...

this is great!

fall, fall to your knees

Anonymous said...

She will NEVER get better. But because I saw how useless saying tehillim is, I liberated myself from Judaism.

Mushka said...

your comment is wildly inappropriate. regardless of what you believe, no matter how "liberated" you may feel, there is never cause to disrespect the beliefs of others, or for such blatant disregard for human life.

Anonymous said...

your beliefs cause much damage and even loss of human life. human life has no real value anyway. we're just chemicals thrown together. deal with it instead of living in a fantasy world.

your friend is costing insurance companies and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and she has no real life.

Mushka said...

that sounds like a quote from a book. the only difference is, the author of that book probably had the decency to stand behind his words; you have chosen an anonymous identity so you don't have to take responsibility for anything you say.

you are entitled to your beliefs, but everything has a time and place. this is neither your time nor your place.

Former Dosik said...

The internet is everyone's place. You are no one and nothing. People like you wash floors and polish shoes for people like me.

You are a member of a destructive cult, which detracts from the potential of human achievement and stifles freedom of thought.

You are just as much in a coma as your friend is. The difference is that you spread your mind-numbing ideology whereas your friend is peacefully asleep and just drains resources. You are not producing anything of value and you convince others to find value in your verbal excrement.

And since I never wrote a book, it could not be a quote from a book. I suspect I know what book(s) you think it may be a quote from but I did not read any book that contains those words (if you mean any works by Dawkins or Hitchens).

Mushka said...

you are still anonymous, you are clearly still afraid to stand up for what you believe in. that bothers me far more than the callous words with which you intend to hurt me.

Former Dosik said...

I don't tell the cashier at Shop-Rite my name. Why should I tell it to you?

You are less than she is.

She does a necessary job and gets paid the salary the market says she deserves.

You are fed by donations as your cult has created an artificial market for useless services.

Your friend is fed by insurance companies and the government and she is useless. If her parents or guardians stopped all treatment and donated her body to science she would be doing some good in this world.

From what I remember she crossed against the light and you people tried to blame an innocent older driver for not stopping in time. I also remember that the police did not arrest her because she did nothing wrong.

Sarah Levin said...

I was a friend of Elana's as well back in the high school days when we were in school togehter, and after reading that poem I was really impressed, but then seriously shocked to read those insane comments by whoever you anonymous blogger are. How dare you talk about people in such a rediculous manor. You should be ashamed of yourself, and that seems to me the reason you don't write your name, you already are. You put others and thier belief's down to pump your own big head up. You are the one who truly has nothing and I feel sorry for people like you.

mushka said...

thank you sarah. you are absolutely right. have you seen elana recently?