Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Mark Zukerberg

If Mark Zukerberg really cared about us like he claims he does, he would do what Megavideo does to crazy mofos who spend too much time on cyber crack dens.When you have been logged in for more than 72 minutes, you would get a popup.

It would go a little something like this:

You have enjoyed 72 minutes of Facebook today. Please wait 25 minutes or click here to buy a life.

Of course, it wouldn’t keep us all off. Do you know that there are actual websites dedicated to showing users how to bypass the Megavideo time limit? I suspect that the same people who frequent those websites will figure out a way to bypass the Facebook thing too.

But most importantly, I wouldn’t know how to. And I can’t follow instructions, so I wouldn’t learn how. And I know there are other computer illiterates out there who wouldn’t be able to either. So this popup will have effectively saved a considerable portion of our population.

Wow. This is a great idea. Why hasn’t Mark Z called me yet?


Shades of Grey said...

I would say he should make it more akin to certain video game systems (Wii and Nintendo 3DS I think) that actually have reminders in certain games that pop up and suggest you take a break, stretch, and do something like go outside. This would certainly be a useful feature to incorporate for parents, or self-imposed when one is trying to study or be otherwise productive on his/her computer.

mushka said...

yeah it turns out all my great ideas already exist :( i guess thats why mark z hasnt called me

ita said...

haahah love this